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Cancellation and Refund Policy - Spirit Airlines Reservations

Flight booking sometimes for some people can be tasks that can take up a lot of time which would ultimate get complicated as you might want to cancel your plans. There is no doubt on the fact that you need to plan your trips well in advance to make sure you have it right while doing your Spirit Airlines reservations. So, what’s actually with the cancellation and refund policy of Spirit Airlines? Well the process over the years has been pretty straight forward and the customers have left satisfied with the service we offer through our representatives.

Why You Need Assistance for Cancellation and Refund?

You would require assistance for the process of cancellation and then to initiate refund to the customer’s bank account. The reason being the non-flexibility with the travel dates, can promote the need of contacting the customer care team for either cancellation or refund. But eventually it takes up a lot of time getting the process done and you get your refund after a lengthy period of time. But with Spirit Airlines things are different, as we initiate the payment for refund as soon as you place your cancellation request. For us customers reaching out to our help and then guiding them through the whole process of cancellation and refund policy are what we aim for.

How to get resolve your cancellation and refund related issue?

We have a dedicated team at our disposal for all the cancellation and refund related query that comes up. Spirit Airlines has garnered the place as one among the top low-cost airlines in the American that offers great assistance to its customers. You can find it pretty easy as the team is available in all times to make your life easy and flight tickets related query.

In the following sections, we have incorporated the required details related to cancellation and refund policy of our company. We believe in utmost transparency and so we are giving every detail about the terms concerning the cancellation and refund policy of our website. It is suggested to all the customers to read the cancellation and refund policy ahead of making any booking on our website. It is necessary for every user to be in agreement with the policies mentioned on our website. We advise the users to only make use of our website if they are in agreement with the policies of the website. Stop using the website if you are not in concord with the terms of our cancellation and refund policies to circumvent any future discrepancies.


Down below are the cancellation policies of the Spirit Airlines that the user has to be in agreement ahead of using the website. Please only use the Spirit Airlines website for reservations after you are fully is in agreement with the policies that are mentioned here. All the proceeding after the flight booking will be made as per the policies mentioned below.

  • Cancellation made after 72-hours of booking is not entitled for any kind of refund.
  • We receive the cancellation appeal only over the phone.
  • Most of the cancellations appealed for are non-refundable.
  • We do not promise the refund to our customers after the cancellation as it depends on the refund policies of hotel as well as the respective airline.


Take a look at the below mentioned refund policies of our website. Spirit Airlines have made our refund policy in accordance with the customers and make it a user friendly process. However, the refunds are subject to the airlines’ policies and terms and conditions. The airline does not promise upfront to the customers regarding the refund after the cancellation. You can even contact our customer care executive in case you need any amplification for any point mentioned below.

  • All the cancellations that are made inside 72-hours of the booking are only entitled for the refund.
  • We refund the airfare amount to the same account of the user from which the booking was made.
  • In case of other method of payment, the refund will be issued directly in form of Cheque.
  • It takes approximately 10-15 days for the refund process to be completed.
  • Banks will take some additional days for the amount to be shown on the bank statement of your account.
  • We do not refund the service charge that you paid for while booking your flight tickets with Spirit Airlines, except in the case of full refund.
  • Shipping Policy

    We do not ship anything related to your reservation, tickets will be sent on email, which you can access later for the check-in purpose. If you have successfully booked your tickets with Spirit Airlines reservation online recently and have not received in mail box yet, then thoughtfully contact our customer services number.

Disclaimer :- In case of any requirement of information or you have any query related to our site’s disclaimer, please do reach out to us via email or call to our customer care at 8444949034. All the mentioned information on our website is published for general information purposes through utmost good faith. Besides, Spirit Airlines does not make any warranties about the completeness, accuracy as well as the reliability of this information provided. Moreover, this website will not stand accountable in case e of any smash up or loss in connection with the procedure of our website.

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